7 01 2010

Not that I expect anyone to be reading, but just in case, welcome. I’m Thessa Mercury, and that is a pseudonym, as I have a tendency to piss people off, and my real name is boring. More the second than the first. Quick rundown: I am a white, middle-class, cis female living and writing in Buffalo, NY. I’m a college student with a slightly unpredictable schedule, so I’ll do my best to update frequently.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way.

This is (will hopefully be) a blog about the little things. I love, love, LOVE reading feminist and otherwise progressive blogs, so I decided to add my voice to cyberspace. Not that it’s much, but I strongly believe that enough little things will change the world.  Pick your metaphor: teaspoons (from Shakesville), starfish (that inspirational story that shows up everywhere), whatever. Call me an idealist. So what?

So I plan to write about the little things- the stupid comments on the bus, the irritatingly oblivious ads, that one freaking line that ruins an otherwise awesome song. Trivial? Of course. Because it’s the little things that everybody ignores that reinforce ideas of priviliege, of the Other, of inequality. The little, tiny, inconsequential things weigh us down like grains of sand, and nobody bothers because they’re too small to refute and get worked up over. Well, they’re not. Sure, some fights are more important, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t important at all. So I plan to use my little influence to combat the little things. Somebody’s got to do it.




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