27 03 2010

A conversation from that pinnacle of progressivism and high intellectual discourse known in university parlance as “the Hub,” a.k.a. a file-sharing program with a chat function. (I… saw it on my friend’s computer. Yeah.) Ladies, gentlemen, and genteel persons outside the gender binary, please hold on to your lunches: 

[09:34]<rlstine> have you ever read the Memorial of the Cherokee Nation?
[09:35] <Douche> no…and im not gonna…if i had my way back then it would have been done differently…but its over
[09:36] <rlstine> alright, I was just gonna say it’s really eloquently
[09:36] <rlstine> written really eloquently*
[09:39] <Douche> i do think that people were treated shitty in the building of this country…but im not gonna feel bad for the native americans, blacks, etc.
[09:40] <Douche> i hate that about society today…they are still actually trying to get reparations
[09:40] <Douche> fucking ridiculous
[09:41] <rlstine> I agree with that lol
[09:41] <rlstine> I was, however, referring to it in a historical context
[09:41] <rlstine> not present day terms
[09:41] <rlstine> they now have casinos and shit that net them millions of dollars at the expense of our people
[09:41] <rlstine> it’s like payback, only without the death lol
[09:42] <Douche> right…maybe i was wrong about that…all im sayin is its bullshit that we are programmed from birth essentially to feel bad for all of them
[09:42] <Douche> i didnt do shit to them so i dont feel bad
[09:42] <Douche> BUT…
[09:42] <rlstine> lol
[09:42] <Douche> if i was to make the NAAWP im a racist
[09:43] <rlstine> true


 I see stuff like this, and think, “They’re college students. One of them even chose the screen name ‘Douche.’ What do you expect?” Then I get indignant and say, “More! Some kind of effort! Basic respect for the rights and autonomy of other human beings!” 

And then I feel disappointed and nauseous, because I know that so much of the time, that really is expecting too much. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, other than to say that so many people in the world are either (a) genuinely evil and hateful, or (b) too lazy to examine why they have the beliefs that they do. I fall into category (b) myself many, many times, so I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But the basic refusal of compassion exhibited by these two make me worry that (a) types are more common than I want to believe.




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