Welcome Back, Queer!

8 05 2010

The semester just ended, and it is my first day back in my hometown for the summer. I come from a town whiter than bleached porcelain, more Catholic than the Pope, and VERY conservative. I’ve lived here as a confused/closeted queer; it sucked. Living here as an open (but not overt) queer will be… interesting. 

I’m going to have to have a conversation this summer with my mother about her use of the word “queer” as a pejorative. I’ve come to favor that over “bi” as an identifier because it doesn’t reinforce the gender binary. God knows it’s strong enough as is. I would prefer that the woman who brought me into this world not use my sexual identity as an insult. I am not “off” or “degenerate,” Mom. 

Also, I should not read the newspaper here. I was spoiled by my progressive-blogs-only method of gathering the news. In the paper today: a letter to the editor protesting the Ninth Circuit’s overturning of the National Day of Prayer. I quote: 

The day is merely a recognition of prayer and no one is forced to pray to any god (or if an atheist or humanist, not told to pray to themselves). 

What? That makes no sense. Atheists, who don’t believe in a god, think… they are God? What? Who prays to themselves? I’ve met some arrogant atheists, but that dig was just ridiculous. (The letter writer also used the old “I-would-have-voted-for-Alan-Keyes-so-I’m-not-racist canard. Hope that helps fill in your bingo cards.) 

Oh, and in a review of the French documentary Babies, the reviewer writes: 

“If you’re a member in good standing of the W. C. Fields party and prefer your babies parboiled- or if you’re in such open contempt for the “straight” world that you sneer at “breeders”= you’ll want to give the wonderful French documentary the widest possible berth.


Yeeeeeeah. Gays/lesbians/queers hate babies, because they can’t have them. Suuuuuuuure. Also: wtf with the scare quotes around “straight”? Sounds like he’s saying, “The straight world? Redundancy! Straight people ARE the world by default! It’s silly to make the distinction!” 

I can’t make this stuff up. It’s gonna be an interesting summer.




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8 05 2010

Good luck. :/

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