Breaking News: Music Video Displays Misogyny.

28 06 2010

It’s not like I didn’t know this was going to be bad.

I saw this music video for the first time last night, and like I said, I wasn’t expecting progressive politics. a) It’s 3OH!3, who managed to perfect the Helen Keller joke in another song, and b) it’s a music video. ‘Nuff said. But still, it was troubling. Very troubling.

Okay, for the most part, it’s just two white guys dancing (or trying to dance) around giant golden hands and… wolves? God, I don’t know. There’s probably a disturbing metaphor there, but let’s leave it in its little box. Not everything should be unpacked.

Anyway, I did really like the fact that they portrayed a variety of couples kissing- different age levels, interracial, etc.- although I have the sneaking feeling we’re supposed to find the older couple gross/funny instead of cute. I’m sorry, but it is 3OH!3. I don’t trust them. </bad pun>

But they just had to, didn’t they? Motherfuckers actually had to go and put a (presumably meant to be read as) bisexual woman in there. And OF COURSE we get an extended shot of her making out with another woman. Because bi girls are HAWT! when they make out with other ladies for the dudes. For the approximately five billionth time: MY SEXUALITY IS NOT YOUR WANK MATERIAL! Especially not, since the only reason queerness is getting any kind of cameo in this video is because the partners are both stereotypically hot women. What are our odds of getting some queer guys swapping spit? Or non-conventionally-attractive women? Or those who don’t identify on the gender binary? Just askin’.

This is usually the part where I go on a rampage, and by “rampage” I mean “writing of strongly worded emails to the people responsible” (we all have our own ways), but let’s move on to the really disturbing part, shall we?

The worst scene (for me) starts at about 0:33. This skeeves me out A LOT. The woman is basically a prop in this scene. She does nothing except hump and kiss this dude. We never see her entire face, and her eyes are completely hidden. I should not have to point out why this is objectifying and dehumanizing. The creepiest part of this is that she never once acknowledges the camera, while the dude is making almost constant eye contact with it. I can’t help it- the scenario this brings to mind is that she doesn’t know the camera is there, and is being filmed nonconsensually. I know she’s an actress. I know she knew it was there. But… well, the gender dynamics of the scene still freak me out.

The saddest part? It’s actually a pretty catchy song. I would be able to enjoy it so much more if I had never seen the music video.

(ETA: I also want to apologize for the sporadic posting. It’ll probably be spotty for the next couple months, then pick back up in September. Summer vacation, dontcha know.)




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